Mobile Rack

Electric Mobile Racking, is one of the high-density racking system. It only requires one channel, with very high space utilization. Through the electric motor driving and frequency control, make the racking from start to running all in stable situation, the security get guaranteed. According to the structure types, there are rail type and without rail type.

Products Details

• Applicable for warehouse area unit price very high place, for example freezing warehouse, explosion-proof warehouse, etc. • No chains driving, saving energy and more reliable structure. • Higher storage efficiency, less aisle and no necessary to check the aisles when goods storage and retrieval • Comparing with the conventional racking, it improves 80% space utilization. • Simple structure, safe and reliable, still can emergency mobile even power cut off. • Low requirement for forkliftMobile pallet racking, as an excellent compaction system, will be of optimal application for customers with the following storage needs: • Warehouses whose main need is to optimize the available space, either because it is small or because of its high price per square meter. • Warehouses where direct access is necessary to each unit load. • Storage of goods that do not have a high turnover. • Storage in cold rooms or freezing chambers. It is the ideal system for these situations due to the high density of the system and the correct temperature distribution that it allows with night mode.• Loading: 32tons/bay • Speed: Max 10m/min • Motor power: Max 1.5kw • Power supplying: sliding rail • Power: 220V 380V • Control Mode: Linked system, microcomputer control system, remote control • Safety device: aisle auto-lock, auto-detection, emergency stop, sound and light alerm, overload, overcurrent protection.The base structure of mobile pallet racking is based on adjustable pallet racking, i.e., a simple structure consisting of frames, beams and accessories. The peculiarity in this case is that this structure has a series of specific elements that enable the mobility of the racking. Its specific components for operation as mobile racking include a main control, laser barriers on the mobile base and front protection, floor rails and start and aisle check buttons. The mobile pallet racking system is especially suitable for cold rooms and freezing chambers, both at low and medium height.• Remote and computer-controlled storage • Direct access to any pallet • Efficient use of space

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