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Pallet Conveyor are designed to transport, accumulate a/o distribute goods to specific goods to specific locations during the logistics operations of a warehouse, a production center or between the two/ they achieve maximum process efficiency for inputs, outputs and in-house handling of unit loads. Huaruide has implemented more than 100 conveyor systems, helping our customers fulfill their orders with accuracy and on-time delivery. Whether you are conveying individual products, full cases, or pallets, we can recommend the appropriate equipment, technology, and material flow layout. Our engineering team designs conveyor systems using 3D modeling tools, allowing you to visualize and simulate how your final system will operate

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Huaruide conveyor lines realize goods to people, reducing the time waste for people’s movement. This automatic conveyor line transfers each pallet to definded position, controlled by WMS achieve 100% accuracy with high-speed. Cooperating with robot arm, Huaruide conveyor line can realize automatic packing, palletizing, picking, etc.Huaruide chain conveyors consist of self-supporting chain strands mounted on a rigid frame. The number of strands can be varied to suit the application. Chains with straight side plates guarantee careful transport of your goods on an optimised support surface. Chains are supported on low-friction slide rails and can be individually tensioned. All chain strands are driven via a common driveshaft fully enclosed for safety. The mounting frames bolted to the main frames are height-adjustable.Huaruide pallet transfer are efficient transfer units for mergers, crossings or branches in flows of materials. Roller or chain conveyors can be integrated as required. The interlocking lift mechanism combined with a rigid frame protects the unit loads and ensures optimum availability. As an option, variable intermediate lift positions can be included to ensure greater flexibility. The compact dimensions and safety guards expand the range of applications.• High throughput rates • Travelling speed up to 0.5 m/s and acceleration up to 0.8 m/s² • Max. 1500 kg per storage position • Long-lasting, many parts with high-quality galvanised finish • Simple maintenance with many identical parts • Decentralised control concept via data and power bus • Frequency-controlled drives for soft starting • Logic elements and frequency controllers integrated into drivesHuaruide roller conveyors consist of a stable frame with rollers bolted in place. The rollers are driven by an easily serviced tangential chain drive with tensioning unit housed in a drive enclosure. The entire drivetrain is enclosed for safety and to prevent tampering. Flanged wheels rotate with the rollers to help transport goods carefully. The frame is height-adjustable.

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