Rail Guided Vehicle

Rail Guided Vehicle (RGV), also called Sorting Transfer Vehicle (STV) or Shuttle Loop System (SLS), is a complex automated unit load handing system. The system consisted of self-proplled, self-steering vehicles moving on circuit aluminum rail system, by setting up multiple pick-up and drop-up stations, manufacturing, storage and picking process can be performed efficiently and accurately. It can be used to move unit loads with various sizes, whether in boxes/containers or pallets, load range from 30kg to 3tons. Its aluminum rails can be in the form of loop or in a straight line. The transfer mechanism can be roller based or chain-based. Through vehicle-to-vehicle communication, the vehicles are maintained optimal distance from each other, preventing collisions and maximum inbound & outbound throughput. This RGV system from Huaruide is high dynamic system for transporting a huge range of different unit loads while achieving excellent throughput rates. It is here in particular that the interfaces to the adjoining warehouse and materials handling installations play a crucial role.

Products Details

• It is unnecessary to damage the floor as guide rails are put on the ground floor. • Inner rail turning radius of RGV loop is less than 1.2m. • Several RGV can move on the same circular rails. • Unique RGV loop patent technology can ensure the RGV moving straight at high speed and turning the corners with super silence at low speed. • Adopt closed-loop vector drive technology to realize high-speed and stable operation and high throughput. • Adopt bus technology and PLC control technology.• Each vehicle has its own control system and logistics data. • The railway control is flexible, which can adapt to the process adjustment and reduce the time and cost of the material flow. • Strong redundancy for single machine fault. • It can combine different functions of the loading device according to the demand, running quietly. • The modular structure adapts to the changes of production layout and can meet the needs of future extension and expansion flexibly. • Fixed ground, convenient installation and adjustment, no need to build steel structure in the air, no special bearing requirements, low space requirements, can save resources and costs at the same time, it also reduces the cost and time of commissioning and maintenance. • It allows narrow curves, so it can arrange rails more flexibly and effectively, and make full use of space.• Rated load: max. 1500kg • Load handling attachments: pallet, mesh box pallet, special unit loads • Travelling speed: max. 90m/min • Acceletation: max. 0.5m/s2 • Transfer speed: 1m/s • Power supply: busbar • Conveyor type: Roller and Chain

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